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September 16, 2012
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Some coolness, Heaven... by EmbracedByDvorovoi Some coolness, Heaven... by EmbracedByDvorovoi
...The third take on this (which is formerly this...) made for this contest. (EDIT: Didn't know fanart doesn't count; but at least Razoff looks nicer now.)

The idea behind it? The summer in 2010 was TERRIBLY hot at our place - it even caused smog in the capital, but small towns like mine didn't feel better either. Almost every night, I wished it would rain, as it was impossible to sleep even with a fan on its highest speed.

So, at one of those days I thought of Razoff saving himself from the heat like this. When it's THAT hot outside, sleeping in a mansion with many fireplaces would be a real curse. Especially when you are, in fact, more a water being with quickly drying skin. And there's no better remedy than a plain wet towel and a prayer to Polokus in hope that he'll finally send the blessed coolness onto the sleeping Glade.

In both previous versions he had a glowing halo over his belly; here I replaced it with a glow all over.

Acrylics on watercolor paper.
Count Razoff (c) "Rayman 3"/Ubisoft
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ItWasNotMe Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Miniaturka odruchowo skojarzyła mi się z Alicją w Krainie Czarów, aww. I w pierwszej chwili nie rozpoznałam Razoffa, tak udatnie wtopił się w tło. :XD: Piękne, genialne wykonanie! W życiu nie powiedziałabym, że to traditional, gdyby mnie kto nie uświadomił ;__; Pogratulować!
tcwoua Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to brilliant gallery at keep up the good work!
ElwisFromPoland Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Genialne kolory. Rzucają się w oczy od razu.

:empllama: :eyepopping: :emplllama:
Icon made by ~legendarydragon90
The-Guard-of-Texas Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Twoje akryle są po prostu świetne! Te kolory i atmosfera! Cudo. :D
Mandinga91 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
what an interesting deviation!
Lady-KL Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the cool colors and glowing effects in this piece!

I've been spoiled with air conditioning. :ohnoes: Do many people in your country have it?
DaveTheSodaGuy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
This pic is now officially my favourite rayman fan art on deviant art!

It looks fantastic, and it also brings me back to the times when I played the first three rayman games and would feel fascinated by the rich and well-crafted world in it.
KD476 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
What can I say? This is amazing!
I love the glow effects you added.
BlackFoxAsakura Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Fanie, że Razoff wrócił do Twoich prac. Miło jest zobaczyć coś w klimatach spokojnej nocy czym ten rysunek wręcz kipi.
EmbracedByDvorovoi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Wrocil"? Przeciez nie odchodzil donikad. Tak jak i reszta :P
Ale dzieki! :)
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